Female Fat Loss Diet Plan:15-Day Meal Plan To Lose Weight

Female Fat Loss Diet Plan:15-Day Meal Plan To Lose Weight-Diet and exercise may be key components of weight loss for women Diet Chart For Weight Loss For Female The Rules Of The Female Fat Loss Diet Plan.

Sedentary lifestyle is one of the causes that make us gain a few more kilos than necessary, but a good diet can be the solution.

An accessible diet to lose weight in 15 days

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main reasons to gain a few kilos, however, a good diet can solve this problem, Female Fat Loss Diet Plan therefore, we present an accessible diet that will allow you to lose weight in 15 days.

It is important to know that the amount of kilograms that can be lost with this diet will depend largely on the individual metabolism of the person who carries it out, in addition to that it will obtain better results if it is accompanied with some cardiovascular exercises.

Female Fat Loss Diet Plan:15-Day Meal Plan To Lose Weight

What you should do to lose weight and lose 5 kilos in just two weeks

Foods To Avoid
Female Fat Loss Diet Plan-There are foods and condiments that you should completely avoid for two weeks if you want the dieting process to be successful.

Sugar: sugar, sweets, desserts and chocolate.
Salt: salt, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, meat and vegetable bouillon cubes, meat tenderizer, and packet soups.
White wheat flour: breads, cakes, white sauces and breaded;
Fats: fried foods, high-fat red meats, cold cuts (bacon, sausage, salami, mortadella and ham), whole milk and yellow cheeses.
Industrialized products: filled cookies, snacks, frozen food, pizza, lasagna, soft drinks and pasteurized juices.

Why is it important to lose weight?

Female Fat Loss Diet Plan-Focusing on your weight, you should know how losing weight will affect you. Identify the reasons for losing weight. Overweight can be a biological or a psychological condition.

A medical condition can create a lot of problems that are impossible to resolve once the problem is out in the open. Weight problem is a very difficult problem to handle. When you are not happy with your weight and you feel uncomfortable in your skin, you need to do something about it.

Many people just spend hours sitting in front of the television, computer and other gadgets. They spend their time in front of the TV, computer and eating while they do not get any kind of physical activity. This is the reason why they do not get the desired results.

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Female Fat Loss Diet Plan:15-Day Meal Plan To Lose Weight

How to do it the right way?

The answer is to utilize the simple rules to follow and choose appropriate foods based on your particular body type. Here is the example for a professional football player, who will perform exercises three times a week for two hours.

After months of exercise and diet plan, the player is looking forward to, i.e., the fat loss and thus, how to lose weight. Exercise and diet are the two powerful lifestyle changes that will help achieve this. The body in a female football player will look rather bulky and be carrying a lot of fat.

But in other female players, there will be a thin and strong body. Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor to ensure that a diet plan that will deliver desired results. The changes will be a total body overhaul and not just a diet plan.

Why are women’s bodies different?

Most of the leading weight loss plan is identical for men and women. However, women are unique because of their hormonal and metabolic differences. Men are also more prone to cravings and more driven by emotions while women are more driven by logic.

Dr. Demetria Kalodimos states that the differences are most significantly in metabolism. For example, estrogen has a stimulatory effect on the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates. On the other hand, estrogen has a stimulatory effect on the metabolism of protein and carbohydrates.

Women also have more persistent cravings than men. Why Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women? While the same foods are recommended for men and women, men and women respond to food differently.

Female Fat Loss Diet Plan:15-Day Meal Plan To Lose Weight

What is the fat loss diet plan for women?

What are the points? Although diet and exercise for fat loss work for everyone, women’s bodies are different from men’s. This is why there are many tips that you need to understand before starting the diet plan.

As a beginner, you need to understand that your body needs the correct nutrients, quality protein, and healthy fats. You need a healthy blood pressure, so it is imperative that you do not drink more than six glasses of water per day.

What are the sources? The foods you eat to lose weight should be simple, fresh and contain few calories. You also need to ensure that you do not eat more than two hours before bedtime, as it increases your risk of obesity and diabetes.

How to get started?

Here’s the deal: Women simply don’t burn as many calories as men. However, women also have extra hormones and estrogen that throw off our metabolic systems and turn our metabolism on. Our need for food is also greater than men’s and so we simply eat more.

The estrogen in women also causes more body fat deposition than men. This extra body fat is what is referred to as subcutaneous fat which does not give us the same amount of protection as do muscles. Subcutaneous fat can raise our risk of breast cancer and heart disease.

Unfortunately, because of our brain being wired for survival, and because of estrogen and testosterone being released to protect the men, we will gain weight, just not as much as men.

Female Fat Loss Diet Plan:15-Day Meal Plan To Lose Weight

Tips that will help you in the diet

The following recommendations will make it easier for you to comply with the diet without it becoming a torment in your daily life, following them will prevent you from feeling excessively hungry and will promote a balanced diet.

Take advantage of the egg: the protein they have and how low they are in fat will make you say ‘no’ to mid-morning snacks.
Snack on nuts, seeds, and fruits – they put fat-burning enzymes to work.
Drink water before meals and snacks: it stops hunger and you will eat less.
Forget diet drinks: what they do is trigger your craving for more sugar.
Drink coffee: it increases your metabolic rate and leads the body to use more stored fat for energy.
Get Seven to Eight Hours of Sleep a Night – Helps regulate blood sugar levels and keep hunger and appetite hormones in balance.

The diet

The following will not be a rigorous regimen, they are food options that you can consume in three meals a day, in addition to the two snacks that you will make between each of them and you can alternate them depending on the days and your needs.

It is always advisable to start with a cup of coffee without sugar, which you can combine with:

1- Scrambled eggs with toast (2 eggs in a thick slice of toast).

2- Ham, egg and tomato (1 tomato and a half, 2 slices of Serrano ham and an egg sautéed in light olive oil).

3- A plate of oatmeal, a cup of skim milk and a slice of whole wheat bread with panela cheese.

1- Lentil soup.

2- Grilled breast with fresh salad of lettuce, spinach and sliced cucumber.

3- Grilled fish with steamed vegetables (broccoli and carrot)

1- Tuna in water with tomato and jicama.

2- Natural yogurt accompanied by an apple.

3- Two slices of whole wheat bread accompanied by turkey breast ham.

Snacks (make two a day)
1- A handful of walnuts with a piece of fresh fruit (apple).

2- Two oatmeal or rice cakes.

3- Two thick slices of cucumber, tomato, zucchini or apple.

4- A cold boiled egg.

Female Fat Loss Diet Plan:15-Day Meal Plan To Lose Weight

It is important to mention that each organism works differently so if you require a specialized diet it would be better to consult your doctor or a nutritionist who will help you in a more specific way.


Regardless of the course or type of weight loss you pursue, the key is a good diet and exercise plan to lose weight for women. We’ve discussed the benefits and disadvantages of calorie restriction diets, as well as some of the more common diet plans available.

From fad diets to more wholesome plans such as a ketogenic diet, you’ll find that there’s something that will work for you. With the help of healthy, affordable, and easy-to-follow diet plans, you will find that weight loss and body maintenance is a science that becomes second nature.


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